On the Move from Melbourne

Hey guys!

After the all the hype of leaving work, finishing exams, and suddenly starting to pack my twenty kilo wardrobe, I was so excited for the adventures that were about to come.

My brother finally arrived on the Tuesday, and was surprised to hear about all that I had in store.
I decided to wrap up my time in Melbourne by driving the Great Ocean Road. The drive is four hours to the end, and consists of many coastal views and lookouts. Along the drive there are small surf towns, where the majority of the surfers drive to from Melbourne.The main attractions are unique rock formations, each on the coast, approximately 20 kilometres from each.

We ended up camping right beside the Twelve Apostles, falling asleep to the crashing waves.

Sunset at the Twelve Apostles

                                                                          Sunset at the Twelve Apostles

London Bridge

                                                                                   London Bridge

The London Bridge used to have a main arch on the left, however it deteriorated over time and cracked in 1990. There was actually two tourists on the second arch because there used to be a path down there. They had to be rescued by a helicopter after the main arch cracked.

Second view of the London Bridge

                                                                Second view of the London Bridge




After our drive back, we decided to stop at a wildlife sanctuary to see some dingoes. Dingoes are rare Australian-like foxes, that are believed to be dangerous. The sanctuary also had kangaroos, wallabies, peacocks, horses, and heaps of deer.

IMG_0635 IMG_0620 IMG_0618 IMG_0604

After our adventure on the Great Ocean Road, I had planned to show my brother around the city that I had grown to love. I got to show him the unique alleyways, the beach, and the various forms of architecture.

Afterwards, my brother got the chance to meet all of my new friends that I have met here. It was pretty cool for him to meet so many people from different countries, seeing as he hasn’t really travelled outside of North America.

And four days after his arrival, we set off for our five week adventure. Starting with New Zealand…